My Goals for 2024

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Life is full. I have everything I need and perhaps not all of what I want, but enough of what I want to not fret. Of course, I could have more. There’s a lot more that I want. That’s what this post is about. I want to outline in great detail all the things that I want in life, specifically for this year.

The first thing that I need more of is money. I have enough to survive and even take vacations even if I don’t get any income in the next couple of years. But my goal is to have enough of an income that I can do absolutely anything that I could want without money being a limiter. My goal is to get to a point within the end of 2024 where I’m making 20 lakhs INR (USD 25000) per month. That’s a little less than 2.5Cr per year. That’s honestly not even a lofty goal. The challenge in this is the timeline in which I would like to achieve that.

There is so much that I want to do that money is currently a limiter for:-

  1. I want to be able to travel wherever I wish to, at moment’s notice, in business class, at schedules of my preference, in seats of my preference. And I want to be able to stay in 5 star hotels no matter where I go. That is a huge reason for my desire for money.
  2. My second desire is to be able to purchase whatever I need without worrying about the money. For instance, I want the new Apple Vision Pro but I can’t get it, even after being loose enough to be able to buy my new Macbook M3 Pro and iPhone 15 and Airpods Pro 2 (USB-C). I finally want to break free of the shackles of the upper middle class in terms of what I can buy and own.
  3. I want to visit my nephew and niece in the US at least twice a year. Right now even having disposable cash to visit once sounds like a dream. And when I visit, I should be able to rent a Tesla and a top-tier Airbnb or perhaps stay at 5 star hotels when I’m visiting a bigger city.

As you can see the amount of money I’m dreaming for is not the most. It’s quite modest in terms of what is possible. But it is all that I need it for now. There will come a day in the next few years when I will need millions of USD to be able to invest in any product that I desire and hire and direct teams of engineers smarter than I could ever be. But for now, having spare tens of thousands of USD at any given moment sounds good enough.

As for the other things that I desire besides the money, it would be these:-

  1. My time is my own. I can’t stand the idea of someone owning my time with their money. I can’t believe I had to be 33yo to get to this point, given my temperament. But I suppose the path I took was unorthodox and unsuited for material prosperity. But I’m so happy that I had the privilege to take that detour early enough in life. But now I can no longer stand the idea of my time being bought to do wimpy things. It’s time to prioritize my time and own it completely.
  2. Fitness. I want to be as fit as I can be. My arm injuries make it difficult for me to be consistent with my workout, but I hope that I can get my arm fully treated and pursue weightlifting. But for now I can and will workout my legs. That’s how I’m going to get fit.

After satisfying all of my desires above, I would love to have enough time and money to be able to gift my parents and sister and her family the things that I can express my affection with. I know that my mom and dad are very emotional about receiving gifts from me. They say that they’re proud and elated to get gifts from me. My mom sometimes even ends up in tears when I give her small gifts on her birthday. I want to give them a custom-built house in any location of their preference. They get to design a house of their preference. Then I’ll buy my dad an Audi or a BMW. He always wonders out loud what could even justify their price tag. He can’t even pronounce Audi, but it would be nice to finally show him what that’s all about. And of course I would love to get them each iPhones and all the other Apple goodies so that we can all be on the same ecosystem. I would also love to have them get on fully paid vacations to any destination of their choice with a personal travel assistant who will take care of everything for them. I want to give them the gift of freedom of time. My wish is to help them see as much of the world as they can before it’s their time.

With my nephew and niece, I want to be able to be the coolest uncle ever. I want to gift them their first smartphones and give them nice computers to work on. Of course, I wouldn’t just give it to them. I will make them work for it. I will get them to set goals for themselves that they would have to meet if they are to qualify to receive the expensive gifts. As they grow older I will also want to take them on trips along with my sister and brother-in-law. I will take them all on a nice trip to other countries, perhaps in Latin America.

I also want to gift things to my friends and take them on trips. Life is too short to not have all the fun and globe-trotting.

For all of this to happen I must get started with building up Yarasi Enterprises.

I feel like 2024 has already started off on a great note for me. I already got laid off from corporate IT in the perfect manner possible, got a fair settlement, got myself the latest Macbook Pro and also the iPhone and other top-tier Apple products. I know it seems vain to obsess over these small things, but these things contribute to the way we think and work. I am happy that I am all settled to think big and do big this year. A lot of what I want to do with my time is already getting shaped up with how things are going with Yarasi Enterprises. I have a good team now and some nice ideas for us to work on.

I am very optimistic. It would be fun to revisit this article in 5 years when all this might seem cute compared to my dreams for my life and the world. Life is beautiful.



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