Public Personal Journal: The Conclusion

1 minute read

This whole website started off as an experiment in publishing my private personal journal. It was a way for me to expose my inner reality for the whole world...

My Goals for 2024

4 minute read

Life is full. I have everything I need and perhaps not all of what I want, but enough of what I want to not fret. Of course, I could have more. There’s a lot...

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The Path Ahead

2 minute read

Lately I’ve been feeling lonely, like a failure. The past year has been slow but consistent progress in all fronts but no final outcomes to boast of. At best...

My fears

3 minute read

I have to admit that my post just now revisiting the purpose of this website is a bit ominous and filled with threats of “dark forces” that seem so…all-power...

Revisiting the purpose of this website…

6 minute read

It’s been nearly two years since I established this site. At the time the purpose was to have this as a public personal journal. A tool for me to expose myse...

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My first meditative experience

5 minute read

It was the summer of 2014 and I was living near the University of Colorado, Boulder campus doing my summer internship at the Computational Cognitive Neurosci...

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India vs USA: Part 1 - Why I left India

3 minute read

I was recently asked by someone as to why I returned to India from the US for good. And I said to myself, that’s a great question and the answer is not strai...

The Shuddhi Vidhya App: My dream machine

2 minute read

I’m having these thoughts with the chirping of the birds in the background, the rustling of the leaves in the wind and an otherwise general sense of quiescen...

Why a public personal journal?

3 minute read

I have to start by remembering that even though this is presented as a public blog post, I am writing this primarily for myself, not anyone else. A public pe...

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