Wave of changes - Life updates: 15th December 2023; Friday; 22:55, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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Nearly a week and a half ago I got laid off from work. I felt such a refreshing sense of relief at the news. That alone was indication as to how I had felt about the job. The company was great. This could have been a dream job with a fantastic team and work culture for someone else. But I’ve realized that working for others is not really what I’m made for. I’ve tried it a few times in my life and I just cannot excel in it. I just survive and that’s just not what I feel most alive doing. So this has been a moment to celebrate for me.

The obvious practical question now is to figure out what I’m going to do for my survival.

To summarize, these are all the things that I’m doing that I am passionate about.

  1. Shuddhi Trust
  2. Vivada.io
  3. The Startup Club
  4. The Debate Club

None of these are making any revenue. Over the past few weeks I’ve been exploring another avenue where I can do something that is both beneficial for my personal journey and goals and also something that I could enjoy making money off of. I want to start exploring teaching technical stuff to individuals who wish to pay for my time.

I will share more information about it later as I develop my offering. For now I just want to share that one of the most important things that I’m working on is Vivada.io. There isn’t a whole lot that I can share about it right away but it is something that has got me stoked. I am working on it with my life built around it. I’m excited to get to a point where talking about it in more detail will be constructive.

As much as it may seem like not being employed full-time is gonna make it easier on my schedule, the truth is just the opposite. I have to hustle hard to survive the next couple of years. But the payout will be good. I am SO excited to switch to faster gears to move faster and be more agile to move to the forefront of the tech world. The cushy pitstop at corporate IT was fun and comfy, but it is not really something that is healthy for someone like me with my ambitions. So for the first time in my life I feel like I’m heading in a direction that has foundational implications to my personal life. I’m going towards a direction where I have greater mobility, independence, control over my time and higher quality of life.

I look forward to that life. My life is already great but it will get better with this transition. My mom told me the other day that I have always upgraded with every transition in my life. In terms of career it’s always an upgrade. so I’m looking forward to what may come of the uncertainty that is up ahead. But all of that is going to depend on my ability to conduct myself with self-discipline because all of this outcome can only come out of my intelligent use of my time. My time and sweat are the ingredients for my success.

On that note there are a few things that I’m really looking forward to:-

  1. My fitness journey. I am going to start working seriously on my fitness and reignite my yoga journey. This is fundamentally important for my success too. A proper physicality is important for sustainable success.
  2. Entrepreneurial success.

I hope to keep this blog more active throughout. I know I haven’t been successful with that so far, but it’s part of my personal goals. I am not very proud of failed promises. I hope a change in that is also part of the wave of changes that are upcoming.


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