Life updates: 15th October 2023; Sunday; 9:04AM, Narayangarh, Haryana

1 minute read

I’m approaching somewhat of a tipping point in life. I have come to realize clearly that I am not someone who does well devoting my time, attention and energy towards something that doesn’t align with my own aspirations for the future. After spending the past year and a half doing what I’ve been doing, I have come to the realization that I cannot enjoy exchanging my time and energy for cash while advancing someone else’s vision. And I’m becoming increasingly intolerant to it.

The two of my personal projects that I’ve been working on are slowly starting to take shape. There’s slow but steady progress. They’re nowhere near good enough for me to jump ship and say goodbye to salaried employment. They’re not even good enough for me to just quit working for others. And every day that I slog at my role as a “product analyst who secretly doesn’t care”, I feel my tolerance for it wearing out. Spending any more time doing something unfulfilling can quickly become detrimental. So I need to find a lifeboat to survive for the next 2 years. Something that pays well enough for me to float by, but is also tolerable. And I’m gonna slog for the next 2 years building out my startup to a point where there is direct revenue and net profit.

Once I have revenue in I will quit working for others and pursue my vision and eventually arrive at a point where money for personal life is not even a concern. The day that happens, I would consider a free man. Until then I am a slave.


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