[Video Game Review] Inside: A video game that is a commentary on life itself

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I started playing this day before yesterday. I thought I would play when I get the time and I’m playing multiple other games alongside whenever I feel like relaxing. But this game has overpowered them all. I cannot stop playing. Not because it is addictive, but because it draws you in and immerses you into this exquisite world it’s created. A very brief but beautiful artistic masterpiece!

A scene from the game

The lighting, the ambience, the soundscape, the physics, the mystique, the ingenuity of the puzzles, the craftsmanship of it all, literally everything about this game points to a collective artist and technical genius behind its making. I cannot recommend this game enough. No word uttered throughout the game, no explanations offered as to what is going on, no room for a decisive and conclusive theory or proof for meaning behind all of it. In a way, this game is a reflection upon life itself. We wake up without a beginning or a memory of what came before and we just go and we continue to go, taking things as they come and forming speculations as we move and making decisions as we learn about the terrain. I didn’t realize that a game could do so much.

A genuine heartfelt gratitude to its developers and everyone involved in making this happen for this wonderful experience!

Here’s a much better review of the game than what I can offer NPR’s review of Inside


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