My Personal Dream - Sustainable Revolution (personal and societal)

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It’s 10:26am and I am writing this from at my home office, which is where I spend most of my working hours, detailing plans, having meetings with the prospective volunteers and collaborators at my non-profit, Shuddhi Trust and also for meetings related to my day job. I’m writing with a sense of urgency because my work day’s meeting is set to happen in about half an hour. So I can only share with you now whatever I can, in that time.

I feel at a loss for being in this situation, having to work a mundane day job to keep myself afloat while sparing whatever time I can gather outside my work obligations for my true passion - my non-profit work and other personal projects. I would LOVE to be able to work full-time on my non-profit and my other startup projects. Not having to do something that I MUST do regardless of whether I like it or not. Don’t get me wrong, my job is actually amazing. Most people would pray to have the kind of solid team and work culture we have. As comfortable and graceful as it has been so far, I still crave to be investing my energy into something that is entirely my own. I have too many ideas in the pipeline to be working on someone else’s vision.

What I really need is a sustainable means of creating the revolution that I am intending to create through my initiatives. I wish I soon had the platform to be financially independent on a personal level so that I can spend all my time on the initiatives that drive my vision for the future, one where things can actually make sense, whether it be regards to education or other aspects of our way of conducting things.

I wish I had more time to write detailed posts about each of the ideas that I’m having. That was the intended purpose of this site. For me to articulate my ideas and share with the world without inhibitions. I will try to be more active, but I do intend to post more frequently of these types of streams of consciousness type writing where my fingers literally type out my thoughts, so that you can witness the ways of my mind. I want audience to the intricate and beautiful ways my neurons spin. Yes, that might have sounded a little narcissistic, but my response is - so what?

I digress. Since I don’t have the time to write out everything in proper detail, introducing it in a cohesive intellectual narrative, I would like to informally introduce hints of all the things that I’m involved in:-

  1. Shuddhi Vidhya - This is by far the big dog in the race in terms of most involvement from me. I am coordinating multiple volunteers across the world mostly independently. I recently hired Yashwin, a former volunteer who is now a core team member that I’ve hired. Having someone as a full-time member invested in the long-term vision of the platform is very helpful. It’s hard to do all this by myself. For thoe who don’t know what this is all about, this is my attempt at creating a revolution in education. I want to transform how students, parents, educators, higher educational institutions, employers and the public approach education. Education is something that ties together all of these industries. And each of these entities have adjusted the contorted nonsense that the traditional approach to education mostly been. I suddenly remember a piece of advice that a fellow volunteer told me - be careful about pissing off principals and educators by being so hostile to their current approach. That was some solid advice. I do respect the educators. My point is that they too are punished by the poorly designed system and they too will benefit from what I’m trying to do. Those of you who want to see what the platform is like, please visit

Some updates with this is that we’re working with multiple UX designers to revamp the user experience of the site and make it more polished so that we can compete with the likes of Byjus, Whitehat Jr, Unacademy, Codeacademy, FreeCodeCamp, Khan Academy, Udemy, MIT Opencourseware etc in the metric of quality of user experience. We have several features that distinguish us from these established players, but our user experience has to evolve to that grand vision. So progress is being made in that regard. And we’re having multiple volunteers engaged in creating new courses for the platform. We are also discussing with our developers and designers the new features on the platform that are going to fundamentally transform the experience that children have on our platform. We want to introduce features that create a social component to education and also provide real-world incentives for engaging in meaningful learning activity. We have plans to open virtual stores where they can exchange badges they earn from learning on the platform for items like t-shirts, watches, water bottles, school bags, sneakers, hats, phones, smartwatches, laptops, gaming gear etc. I’ll talk more about this in a separate post that’s about a new t-shirt with a tagline that is going to inspire more children to get actively invested in their fitness.


  1. Vivada - This is the first time I’m revealing the name of my project so openly. I’ve told others so far that I’m working on a product that is meant to enrich the quality of societal discourse. Our problem statement is that today it is so difficult for normal citizens to come together and freely speak their mind. The only options are echo chambers and engaging with hostile treatment from those who don’t agree with you. The platform will create a space that is designed for constructive, evidence-based discourse amongst people with differing viewpoints. It will allow them to understand each other better simply by organizing how they communicate themselves.

  2. The Startup Club - I am working on building a community to network with other startup founders and enthusiasts of entrepreneurship. Through this I will be interacting with founders and interviewing them and understanding their vision, the origin story for their ideas and key insights of the field in which they’re trying to build solutions. This is going to be such an exciting adventure of a journey meeting interesting folks and having quality discussions.

I am also talking to some potential collaborators for my non-profit who could be instrumental in us advancing in our mission. This could potentially involve monetizing our efforts to make this engaging for other players in the field. The cool thing is that we’ll be posting monthly update videos informing about our progress. If you want to get updated, subscribe to our YouTube channel -


I feel like a dog on a leash, having to work around these schedules. I have a lot more to say. I think now that I’ve decided on having these kinds of streams of consciousness type commentary as a mode of communicating, I could do more of these.

See you later!


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